Nov 21, 2020

Kaduru, treatment for Covid-19 !

Ayurvedic doctor, Prof. M H A Thissera  says that oil made from Cerbera odollam fruit (locally known as Kaduru) has gained attention as a treatment for Covid-19 virus.

The doctor further states that a large number of scientific tests have confirmed the ability of Kaduru to improve immunity.

Thymoquinone, the main active ingredient in Kaduru, has been shown to enhance the body's immune system, according to tests conducted by a number of world - renowned universities.

According to Prof. Thissera, this compound increases the number of white blood cells in the blood and its potency and kills germs such as bacteria and viruses that enter the body.

Therefore, he says that Kauduru has great potential to fight against viruses such as Covid-19.

It is said that Kuduru , which is about 3000 years old, is now used as a medicine for improving immunity and treating many otherailments.

Speaking to Divaina newspaper Prof. Thissera has further stated that  drinking half or a teaspoon of Kaduru oil with a little bit of honey daily after breakfast, will greatly increase the immunity and improve health.

Kaduru is poisonous, use with caution

However, following an inquiry made by Sri Lanka Mirror it was revealed that there are three types of Kaduru plants in Sri Lanka and even though some of those are used for medicinal purposes it is a poisonous plant.

It is said to be used for medicinal purposes after removing the poisonous components.

Divi Kaduru

The Divi Kaduru plant is said to be poisonous, similar to poison ivy, which causes drowsiness, diarrhea and rapid pulse rate.

Goda Kaduru

Goda Kaduru plants are said to be extremely dangerous as they contain the dangerous toxins strychnine and brucine.

It is said that even a small amount of seeds, such as 2 or 3 seeds, can cause death.

These are reported to cause damage to the nervous system, fever and kidney failure leading to a very painful death.

Wel Kaduru

Wel Kaduru is one of the most popular woods used to make masks since ancient times. 

Wel Kaduru seeds are highly toxic and are said to cause dizziness, vomiting, stomachache and diarrhea.

It is said if a person consumes the poison of the above plants the patient should be made to vomit and taken to a hospital immediately.