Nov 25, 2020

'Insane to expect from 20A what 19A didn't deliver' Featured

Senior journalist and political analyst - Kusal Perera says it is insane to   think genuine and independent commissions would be appointed under the 20th Amendment when independent commissions were not appointed under the 19th Amendment either.

Pointing out that the 03 civil society representatives to the Constitutional Council under the 19th Amendment were also political appointments, he said there is no political culture in the country that can allow  genuinely independent commissions.

He further notes that the conduct of individuals appointed as civil society representatives also did not portray they were representing people and were independent. 

Pointing out that the Election Commission appointed under the 19th Amendment too, was not independent, Perera says the best example of such commissions being non-independent is the appointment of Pujith Jayasundera as IGP. He therefore said it serves no purpose in discussing whether appointments under 20A are independent and how qualified the persons appointed are, to sit in these commissions.

Dilith - Dayan

Appointing individuals to commissions has become a hot topic these days with the recent appointments of prominent businessmen - Dilith Jayaweera and Dian Gomes being appointed to the Public Service Commission.

The appointments were made by the President under the 20th Amendment.

Justice Jagath Balapatabendi has been appointed as the chairman of the Public Service Commission. 

Other members of the Commission appointed by the President are as follows.

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