Nov 29, 2020

45 new doctors failed A/L! Featured

How can the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) go beyond the minimum qualifications that have been gazetted and regulated? questions Dr. Haritha Aluthge, Editor of the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA).

According to media reports, SLMC is in the process of registering 45 candidates, who do not meet the minimum qualifications including seven who failed all three GCE Advanced Level (A/L) subjects, as doctors.

It is reported that out of the 98 doctors who applied for approval, 45 do not meet the minimum qualifications, among the said 45 applicants 7 failed the all three A/L subjects,13 failed at least one A/L subject and 7 have not sat for A/L examination.

It is also reported that 04 others have studied at several universities and some of them are not recognized by the SLMC for awarding a medical degree.

When inquired about this from the Editor of the GMOA, Dr. Haritha Aluthge, he has said that it is a question as to how the SLMC can go beyond the minimum qualifications that have been gazetted and regulated.

He says that when the minimum qualification to be appointed as a management assistant is passing the A/L examination, it is surprising that the same has not been considered for the position of doctor.

The gazetted minimum eligibility criteria stipulates two Credit passes and one Ordinary pass (2 C passes and 1 S pass) for Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A/L examination.