Nov 30, 2020

PHIs say Colombo Covid-19 situation is uncontrollable

The Public Health Inspectors (PHI) Association has warned that the coronavirus situation in the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) city limits is uncontrollable at present.

PHI Association Secretary M. Balasuriya told the Colombo Gazette that a high number of patients are being detected from areas under isolation.

He said that infected patients are also being detected from other areas within the CMC city limits.

Balasuriya pointed out that following the detection of a patient, measures must be taken to hospitalize that person, trace close associates, conduct PCR tests, and place them in quarantine within the course of the day.

Stating that Sri Lanka is currently recording an increase in deaths due to COVID-19, Balasuriya said a large number of deaths are being reported from the Colombo Port area, Modara, and Borella.

The PHI Association Secretary said that despite various containment measures being implemented, the spread of the virus and death toll continues within the Colombo Municipal Council city limits.

Most of the recent deaths reported in Sri Lanka from the coronavirus have been from Colombo.

The people infected by the virus have also been mostly from Colombo over the past few days. 

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