Dec 02, 2020

Foundation giving free coffins, threatened! Featured

A foundation which is offering free coffins for low income families of Covid-19 victims, has received threats, it has been revealed.

Mr. Halaldeen Mohamed Rizwan, the founder of Shihara Janaza Foundation, has lodged a complaint in this regard with the Peliyagoda police, and it has been revealed that the threats were from a group of persons in the Wanathamulla area.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', he said that the charity has already donated over 25 coffins to families of Covid-19 victims, and that his service is not limited to just Muslim masses.

Although certain sects of Sri Lankan society including Muslims usually bury their dead, authorities have currently made it mandatory to cremate remains of Covid-19 victims. The issue is being widely debated.

Speaking further, Mr. Rizwan said many are unaware of the meaning behind the  organization's name - Janaza, which means funeral.

He said that all these threats originated from his society and that they were doing it without proper understanding.