Dec 04, 2020

Abolishing the PUCSL a national crime - Union

The Ceylon Electricity Workers’ Union has condemned the decision by the government to abolish the Sri Lanka Public Utilities Commission.

Chief Secretary of the Union Ranjan Jayalal speaking to NewsRadio charged the decision based on vested interests of senior officials of the Ceylon Electricity Board is a grave crime.

He noted while the establishment of the PUCSL was initially opposed, it served its purpose of regulating and influencing the CEB for the better, although noting efforts were made even during the previous government’s tenure to abolish the Commission.

Jayalal charged CEB officials who consider the PUCSL an obstacle to their own benefits, are now attempting to do away with it, remarking all steps are in place to abolish the PUCSL after the President’s Secretary issued an order in this regard.

He lamented that the abolishment of the commission would be a national crime.