Mar 01, 2017

Mahinda accepts Ravi’s challenge Featured

Ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa says he gladly accepts the challenge posed by Ravi Karunanayake to file legal action against the finance minister over the inclusion of his name in the gazette notification relating to a Central Bank bond sale.

Rajapaksa says not just him, but the all Sri Lankans could seek legal redress over the issue, as money matters affect all of them.

He adds that he will return to Colombo from Diyatalawa within days and meet his lawyers to discuss taking the matter to courts.

The ex-president on February 27 said at a function at Boralanda in Welimada that he was thankful to his successor for having appointed a presidential commission to inquire into the CB bond sales.

He went onto say that he has already met a lawyer over the accusations being leveled against him.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s cabinet meeting discussed an immediately cancelling of the controversial gazette notification issuing a new one in its place.

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