Dec 22, 2020

'Dhammika Peniya' approved by Pharmacology Unit Featured

The government today revealed that the syrup known as the 'Dhammika Peniya' and touted by many as a 'cure' for Covid-19, has been approved by the Pharmacology Unit of the Department of Ayurveda.

Speaking at the Cabinet briefing today (22), co-Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Ramesh Pathirana said the syrup will be presented to the ethical committee of the Department tomorrow for ethical clearance.

Minister Ramesh Pathirana noted that since western medical practices depended on evidence based solutions, the syrup will require extensive scientific research by experts.

He said that the effectiveness of the syrup can only be confirmed after extensive research by western medical practitioners.

However, the minister noted that if anyone decides to take it voluntarily, the government cannot prohibit it since according to indigenous medicine, the syrup is identified and approved as a food supplement.

Regardless, the product has not been given state endorsement, minister Pathirana clarified.