Jan 03, 2021

CDF personnel for VIP security! Featured

Minister of Public Security - Rear Admiral (Retd) Dr. Sarath Weerasekara has stated that they are currently studying a methodology of reclaiming 44,000 policemen currently deployed as VIP security, back to the police service.

Speaking to a weekend newspaper, the ministers has said that the police personnel are currently deployed for the security of judges, MPs, ministers and former ministers.

Out of the 80,000 personnel in the Police Department, only 36,000 are deployed in general service, he has added.

In this backdrop, it has been difficult to carry out duties at police stations as well as traffic duties.

The minister has further revealed that discussions are underway to deploy trained teams of the Civil Defense Force (CDF) instead, for VIP security.

Dr. Weerasekara headed the CDF during the time of the war.