Jan 16, 2021

Embilipitiya & Balangoda UC Chairmen supended Featured

Governor of the Sabaragamuwa Province Tikiri Kobbakaduwa has issued an Extraordinary Gazette Notification, suspending the Chairmen of the Embilipitiya and Balangoda Urban Councils with immediate effect.

Accordingly Chairman of the Embilipitiya Urban Council Lalith Dharmakeerthi and Chairman of the Balangoda Urban Council Chamika Wimalasena have been temporarily removed from their posts for a period of three months until an investigation is conducted as to whether they are guilty of any wrongdoing.

Governor Kobbekaduwa has appointed two retired High Court Judges to probe and submit reports in this regard within a period of three months.

Both retired High Court Justices have been vested with the powers of a Commision of Inquiry to carry out the investigations.

Meanwhile the Deputy Chairmen of both Urban Councils have been temporarily vested with powers to oversee the Councils until such time the two investigations conclude.