Jan 19, 2021

Concessions to settle electricity bills

The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to provide a six-month grace period for persons residing in areas placed under lockdown for more than 14 days, to pay their monthly electricity bill.

According to the Cabinet paper, electricity connections of domestic, commercial and industrial consumers will not be disconnected over the non-payment of bills.

Concessions to settle electricity billsIn addition, concessions have been granted for operators of film theatres registered under the National Film Corporation to pay their electricity bills for the months from March 2020 -  December 2020.

Operators will be able to pay their dues in 12 instalments from the date of a relevant bill without any disconnection.

Provisions have also been made for operators of inns registered under the Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority to pay electricity and water bills from the period between 1st of March 2020 and 28th of February 2021.