Mar 03, 2017

Duminda needs to continue anti-epileptic meds to prevent fits

The recent medical report concerning former Parliamentarian Duminda Silva has recommended that he needs to continue his antiepileptic medication to prevent fits.

The report by a panel of experts and consultant chief JMO Colombo has been submitted to the Additional Magistrate of Colombo - G.A.R. Artigala.

The report stated that the defendant was well oriented and cooperated with the examination.

"A person under stressful conditions, such as in the case of the defendant, can have multiple physical symptoms such as weakness of the body, headache, blurred vision and dizziness, which can fluctuate depending on the levels of stress. This is a psychological reaction and not a mental disorder. Such psychological reactions are more likely in a person with brain damage," it added.

"He needs to continue his antiepileptic medication to prevent pits. The neurologist could review him once in six months or early, if in case the defendant develops fits. He may continue, to wear the CPAP mask prescribed in Singapore during sleep," the reported further said.

The full report is as follows :