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Mar 04, 2017

Why would Angoda Lokka kill Samayan? Featured

The Planned killing of underworld leader Aruna Damith Udayanga Pathirana alias ‘Samayan’ was staged by Ángoda Lokka’ due to the harassment he had to endure at the hands of Samayan’s disciples, police investigations have revealed.

While Angoda Lokka had been released on bail, his supporters had been targeted and harassed by the associates of Samayan, it is believed.

Police investigations further revealed that while Samayang had established his dominance in Kaduwela, Athurugiriya and Angoda, he was expanding his reach to Colombo and Awissawella as well.

The underworld activist of the Athurugiriya area is a character known as Baldi Priyantha.

Who is Angoda Lokka?

Angoda Lokka is a 32 year old and is believed to have got involved with the underworld due to the threats faced by the underworld.

He had applied for a post as a prison guard and just a few days before having to report for the job,  he was jailed for having killed an underworld character named ‘Angoda Mocha’ who had been harassing him and his mates. It was while in prison that he had been drawn to the underworld himself.

Angoda Mocha was a thug who had emerged after a previous underworld figure who was considered as the godfather of the underworld ‘Karate Dhammika’.

 ‘Raththaran Aiya’ who was a close associate of Angoda Lokka was constantly being harassed by Mocha.

Angoda Lokka who has spread his dominance in Angoda, Mulleriyawa and Wellampitiya areas is also believed to be a close friend of ‘Makadure Madhush’ a well known underworld figure in Matara.

It is believed that due to a rival gang of ‘Kosgoda Suji’ teaming up with Samayan, Madush had developed close ties with Angoda Lokka.

One of the prominent accusations faced by Madhush is the allegation that he was the mastermind behind the killing of the Southern Expressway Chairman Danny Hiththetiya.

Police suspect that currently both Madhush and Suji are overseas.




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