Jan 28, 2021

‘Denuwara Menike’ temporarily halted

The Department of Railways says the ‘Denuwara Menike’ intercity express train which plied along the upcountry railway line between Colombo Fort and Badulla, will temporarily cease operations.

Commuters are required to reserve seats on the ‘Denuwara Menike’, however the decision to halt services was reached due to a minimal number of reservations.

Accordingly, the intercity express train will no longer ply between Fort and Badulla until further notice.

However measures have been taken to accommodate seat reservations on the ‘Podi Menike’ passenger train.

The Department said the ‘Podi Menike’ will commence its journey from the Colombo Fort Railway Station to Badulla today until the 11th of February, at 6.30 a.m.