Mar 04, 2017

Cabinet reshuffle after President’s Indonesia tour Featured

Subsequent to President Maithripala Sirisena’s tour to Indonesia there will be a cabinet reshuffle, it is reported.

The President is due to leave the island on March 6 and will be returning to the island on March 8.

According to government sources, the cabinet reshuffle is expected to take place on March 15.
Accordingly, the ministerial positions of the Finance, Fisheries, Power and Energy, Media, Law and Order, Highways and Ports ministries will be changed. Meanwhile, several SLFP ministers have urged the President to amend the Foreign Ministry as well, it has been revealed.

Prime Minister’s request:

However, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is said to have requested the President to delay the reshuffle until the IMF releases the financial report pertaining to Sri Lanka.

According to informed sources, this document is believed to highlight the incapability of the Finance Minister.

The cabinet reshuffle was initiated by the President due to the corruption allegations levelled against the ministers.

It is believed that the President had decided to take this measure with the aim of preventing the people’s confidence further deteriorating with regard to the conduct of the good governance regime.