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Mar 04, 2017

H.M. rubbishes claims of poverty

Popular Musician H.M. Jayawardena denied media reports stating that he was suffering from acute kidney ailment and living a life of dire poverty.

Speaking to Mirror Arts web site he said, this is a completely false rumour aimed and slinging mud on his son Kasun.

Jayawardena said his relationship with his son Kasun is far from that of father and son and instead they are more like friends.

“We are really close but due to the busy schedules of both of us, we rarely get the opportunity to meet each other. However Kasun always keeps an eye out for me. I have to spend a large sum of money for my medical treatment. However, my son Kasun takes care of all those expenses. Hence, I am very saddened about such malicious false rumours being spread,” he said.

“My son Kasun provides me everything I need. He also cares very much about me and takes care of me well. He is the one who takes care of all my needs. As a son Kasun fulfils every duty to the fullest,” added Jayawardena.

He expressed sadness over these malicious rumours and urged the media not to spread such false rumours. Recently rumours spread that Jayawardena was living in a rented house under severe poverty and was seeking assistance from the government or responsible person.

H.M. Jayawardena is a renowned musician and the husband of Malini Bulathsinhala.

He has composed lyrics for many of Malini Bulathsinhala’s and Gunadasa Kapuge’s songs and is a popular lyricist in Sri Lanka.

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