Feb 06, 2021

What happened to the 'Daily Mirror' article on Avant Garde? (Audio) Featured

A news article mentioning 'Avant Garde Maritime Services' on the 'Daily Mirror' online edition has suddenly been pulled out, raising much curiosity in the field.
'Sri Lanka Mirror' contacted 'Avant Garde Maritime Services' in this regard and we were told that the aforementioned article had also been published in the print edition as well.

The company spokesman also said that Uvindu Kurukulasuriya of 'Colombo Telegraph' had alleged that the article had been scrapped after 'Avant Garde Maritime Services' had given money to the newspaper to do so.

The 'Avant Garde' spokesman also said that they have already contacted the Chief Editor of 'Daily Mirror' - Kesara Abeywardena  who had agreed to publish a reply from the perspective of 'Avant Garde Maritime Services' both on the print and online editions.

Yesterday (05), Mr. Abeywardena has phoned Mr. Rohan Munasinghe -  Head of Information Technology of the Avant Garde Group, and said that he had inquired into the issue and there had been a lapse on their part and to brief the Avant Garde Group chairman - Nissanka Senadhipathi in this regard.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that Mr. Abeywardena said that the reply article would be published next Tuesday, giving the same prominence.

The 'Avant Garde' spokesman also sent an audio clip of the phone conversations with the 'Daily Mirror' Chief Editor

He further said that legal action will be taken against Uvindu Kurukulalasuriya, who had published a letter distorting facts against Avant Garde Group, its chairman - Nissanka Senadhipathi and President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, while also making other 'malicious allegations'.