Feb 08, 2021

Wimal to sell iron at KKS cement factory! Featured

It is reported that the Minister of Industries Wimal Weerawansa has instructed officials  to call for Tenders to sell off iron and steel at the Kankesanthurai Cement factory.

It is said that there is around iron and steel worth around Rs. 810 million at the premises.

In addition, reports say that several buildings are to be removed as well.

The minister had given these instructions over the directives made by a committee appointed to conduct an on-site inspection with regarding to cleaning the site.

The Minister had earlier stated that cement production would be recommenced at the factory.

However, Trade Unions charge that he had done so with the intention of selling off the scrap metal.

Daya Ratnayake questioned!

In 2017, the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Serious Fraud and Corruption had questioned former Army Commander and current Chairman of the Ports Authority General Daya Ratnayake over a case of cutting down machinery worth tens of millions of rupees as scrap metal at the Kankesanthurai cement factory.

The questioning had taken place according to a complaint lodged by the Anti-Corruption Front.

It was alleged that the Army had called for tenders without informing the Cement Corporation and the Cement Company, and dismantled valuable machinery and selling them off as scrap metal.