Feb 18, 2021

Hotel workers urge to be vaccinated Featured

Employees of tourist hotels have requested the Tourism Ministry to take steps to vaccinate them against Covid-19.

Hotel Employees' Centre Organizer Jayathilaka Ranasinghe said that a letter in this regard has already been directed to the Tourism ministry secretary.

Chairman of the Hotel Workers Centre Janaka Adhikari said persons working in the tourism sector needed to be careful as they would be first contacts of tourists, if any individual contracts the novel coronavirus.

Janaka Adhikari directed the government’s attention towards a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a decision taken to ease restrictions imposed on tourists arriving in the country.He revealed of a proposition to exempt children under the age of 12 going through a PCR test as parents have conveyed their opposition to such a regulation.

Therefore Janaka Adhikari said it was appropriate that politicians step back from using their powers to obtain benefits in the country and give it to staff working in the tourism sector.

(Exempts : newsradio.lk)