Feb 24, 2021

Pakistan to enhance SL's trade & connectivity through CPEC (Video)

Visiting Pakistan Prime Minister - Imran Khan has conveyed his intention to assist Sri Lanka’s connectivity to Central Asia through the China - Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“Pakistan is part of the Belt and Road initiative of China. CPEC is part of its flagship programs and it means connectivity,” Khan said during a joint media briefing with his Sri Lankan counterpart yesterday evening (24) in Colombo.

And so, I've asked my delegation here to find ways and means where we can enhance our trade and connectivity through CPEC... connectivity right up to Central Asia, for Sri Lanka. We have also discussed other areas where we can enhance our trading ties, where Sri Lanka can benefit from Pakistan's connectivity in the future right up to Central Asia," he added.

Our trading ties will also mean our two countries will come closer together, the PM further said.

This visit is to strengthen our bilateral relationship and trading ties, PM Khan added, inviting the Sri Lankan Premier to visit Pakistan again.

Speaking, Prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that 'Sri Lanka considers Pakistan a close and genuine friend.

He thanked PM Khan for accompanying a strong multi-sector business delegation with promising signs of investments and commercial partnerships.

At a time of economic uncertainty, such private sector investments will greatly benefit the economies of both countries, he added.

The full video of the Pakistan-SL premiers' joint statement is as follows :

(Footage courtesy : Prime Minister's Media Unit)