Feb 26, 2021

Police officers interdicted for assaulting law student

Minister of Public Security, Retd. Admiral Sarath Weerasekara has said the police officers responsible for assaulting a law student at the Peliyagoda Police premises, have been interdicted.

The IGP was also ordered to investigate the incident, said the Minister adding incidents of assault inside police stations are unacceptable.

The student is Migara Gunaratne, who is the son of former Governor - Maithri Gunaratne P.C.

Images of the assaulted youth emerged on social media, leading to public outcry.

Newly elected BASL president - Saliya Peiris P. C. has tweeted that described the incident as 'appalling' and noted that 'should be zero tolerance of police brutality.'

"The news of a young final year law student Migara Gunaratne being subject to police brutality at Peliyagoda is appalling. There should be zero tolerance of police brutality. The perpetrators must be swiftly dealt with and prosecuted," he has Tweeted.