Feb 27, 2021

Basil shows the exit gate to Wimal Featured

Basil Rajapaksa, the national organiser of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has warned of taking stern action against those who are trying to stifle the party and topple the government.

"We formed this government, making huge efforts and sacrifices. We will not allow anyone to harm this government," he said.

Referring to the well-known literary comments in the popular "Sinhabahu stage drama", Rajapaksa said unlike in that drama, " we will not wait until someone demolishes the entrance to the cave and go-out. Before that we will crush him.

"Rajapaksa has made these comments during a meeting with newly appointed MPs of his party, according to the Mawrata newspaper.

The paper has reported that new MPs have continuously cheered to the comments of Rajapaksa.

About 40 MPs have attended the meeting.

The MPs have pointed out that the party should maintain one stance and should not allow anyone to play the role of the opposition while being in the government.The 40 new MPs have vowed that they would protect the government at any cost.