Mar 07, 2021

New political party "BJP" to be launched shortly in Sri Lanka

A new political party under the title "Sri Lanka Bharatheeya Janatha Party" will be launched shortly, in the northern part of the country.

This was revealed at a media briefing by V. Muttusami, a resident of Jaffna and he claimed that his party is not linked to the BJP in India.

He said his aim is to improve the education and sports aspects of the Tamil people.

He explained that the comments made by Chief Minister of Giripur state in India on establishing a branch of BJP in India came only after the media gave publicity to the forming of his party in Sri Lanka's north.

Muttusami also said he planned to form his party six years ago.

He said his intention is to work closely with the government and stressed that his party would not join any protests.

He said the party's activities will spread to the country's northeast and as well as into the upcountry areas.