Mar 07, 2021

'Policeman's death is murder, not suicide' (Video) Featured

Senior lecturer of the Colombo University - Dhamma Dissanayake says that the death of the police officer behind the recent Kuruwita killing, is not suicide but muder.
The senior lecturer pointed out that the media is a very responsible field. However, some have unknowingly put it into a place which completely disregards public opinion.
Until the crime of this policeman is proven in court, he is only a suspect in the eyes of the law, he points out.
“Think about the media's conduct with regard to this incident. Even the police is at fault. How did the CCTV footage showing whereabouts of the suspect leak into the media? Also, how is the suspect's letter containing his final will, which he had stated should not be shown even to his own children, was published online? When considering all these, we can see that the death of the policemen is not a suicide but a murder. It can also be said that the media conduct played a prominent role in this," he further said.