Mar 16, 2021

Ex-sec. to PM files FR Vs Presidential Commission

Former Secretary to the Prime Minister Saman Ekanayake has filed a Fundamental Rights Petition in the supreme court seeking a stay order against the report given by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry ‘to inquire into and obtain information pertaining to the alleged incidents of Political Victimization pertaining to the alleged incidents of Political Victimization' which recommended action against him for his role in setting up the Anti Corruption unit in the Temple Trees office complex. 
Ekanayake has petitioned the court saying that his fundamental rights, guaranteed to him by Article 12(1) of the Constitution, have been infringed by members of the commission and the cabinet of ministers whom he has named as Respondents.

Ekananayake in his petition argues that the he was merely carrying out his duties as the secretary to the Prime Minister as required, noting that "there is no procedure established to ascertain the legality of a decision by the Cabinet of Ministers by a Secretary or a Secretary to a Ministry who is directed asa upon the decisions.