Mar 24, 2021

13 containers of oil containing carcinogens Featured

Thirteen containers of unrefined coconut oil and substitute oils have been found at the Port, and by the time they were found to contain carcinogenic matter, the stocks have been distributed islandwide, Chief Convener of the All Ceylon Traditional Coconut Oil Producers' Association - Buddhika de Silva says.

An excess of unrefined coconut oil has been imported, targeting the upcoming New Year season, he said.

Addressing a media briefing in Dambulla, Mr. de Silva added that 40,000 MT of substitute oils were imported to the country in January and February and 30,000 MT were imported under tax concessions, spending Rs. 10.5 million.

Co-convener of the Association, Thushara Wijesinghe said that authorities should ascertain whether all coconut and palm oil at the Port is suitable for human consumption and to reveal it to the country before April 01.

However 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that an additional 8,700 MT of coconut oil was released from the Customs last night (23).

According to reports, 03 well known companies are involved in this with one company already facing charges of being involved in the recent sugar scam.