Mar 25, 2021

Officials seal off 2 coconut & palm oil centers in Dambulla

Officials from the Consumer Affairs Authority have sealed off two centers engaged in selling imported coconut and palm oil in Dambulla yesterday(24).

The officials have taken oil samples from the two centers and have sent them to the laboratory of Consumer Affairs Authority in Colombo for testing.

The value of the sealed off oil stock is about Rs six million, said Renuka Kumara, head of the Consumer Affairs Authroty's Matale division.

One of these centers is a wholesale coconut oil trader near the Dambulla Economic Center.

When the officials inspected the particular oil shop, it was revealed that the name of the oil importer had been concealed. Besides, a stock oil worth of Rs three million has been found from that place.

Also, officials found some dead insects inside the underground and overhead tanks.

Other center is also located near the Dambulla Economic Center and it has been revealed that this center has been involved in mixing coconut and palm oils

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