Mar 25, 2021

Rs 25 b loss at Kelanitissa combined power plant Featured

The loss of the Kelanitissa Combined Cycle Power Plant is estimated to be around Rs 25 billion, trade unions compains.

The plant has not been operating for the last one and a half years period and as a result, it has caused a huge loss amounting to Rs 25 billion, said the CEB's trade union collective.

The unions have made this shocking revelation in a letter sent to the Prime Minister. The plant which is capable of producing an unit of electricity below Rs 20 has been removed from the national grid in August, 2019 in order to carry out some essential maintenance works.

It was planned to resume operations since October.

It has been required to repair the rotor of the generator. But due to the administrative faults of the CEB, the rotor has been sent to Dubai for the repair instead of it being sent to India which is the nearest place.

However, the rotor has now been taken from Dubai to India for repair.

Irony is that officials have fixed the repaired part without properly inspecting it and as a result, the main rooter has now been damaged just after the generator was switched on.

This particular plant is powered by a fuel called "Naptha" which is a by-product removed from the oil refinery. It has also been revealed that the Petroleum Corporation which used to sell Naptha for Rs 74 to the CEB now sells it to outside traders at a rate of Rs 30.