Mar 26, 2021

SLFP wages war against dual citizens Featured

The SLFP has come out with a proposal not to allow dual citizens to hold any key government posts in the future,Political sources say this is one of the proposals included in a report prepared by the SLFP on the party's suggestions for drafting a new constitution.

The proposal seeks to prevent dual citizens holding key public posts such as president, prime minister, MPs, top posts in government corporations and presidential commissions.

The set of new proposals of the SLFP is to be submitted to president's counsel Romesh de Silva who is heading the committee appointed to draft a new constitution.

The SLFP has also suggested that all the political parties must discuss and arrive at a decision whether the country should continue with the Executive Presidency.Other proposals of the SLFP's include setting up two chambers in parliament, a mixed electoral system and devolution of power.

Minister NImal Siripala de Silva chaired the SLFP's committee that drafted it's constitutional proposals.