Apr 08, 2021

Using palm oil for bakery products, a massacre - GMOA Featured

Dr. Samantha Ananda of the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) says that allowing palm oil to be used in biscuits and bakery products is a form of 'massacre' as it  contains  carcinogens.

Dr. Ananda said this while speaking at a press conference.

"Palm oil is entirely a poison. It's a carcinogen. It's unstoppable. Is it okay that businesses are thriving even if it kills people? It's not just cooking oil. Look at the biscuit packet you buy. The cake, the malted milk you buy. It is all palm oil. Aren't we being fed palm oil like this? So it is not surprising that people die of cancer. 78 tested cancer patients are reported every day. There must be thousands of undiagnosed cases in the society. So isn't this a form of massacre? If a head of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution says that a little bit of poison is okay, what help is there for the people of this country? According to the country's penal code, no one can make another consume poison. This means the laws in this country are being broken for money without any shame. ”

Despite an order banning palm oil imports on the instructions of President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Trade Minister Bandula Gunawardena said in Parliament yesterday (07) that licenses would be issued for biscuit and bakery manufacturers to import palm oil.