Apr 22, 2021

‘COVID-19 situation in SL at a dangerous point’ Featured

The Ministry of Health says Sri Lanka’s coronavirus situation is at a dangerous point, as a result of public disregard to health guidelines during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year festive period.

Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr. SM Arnold speaking at a media briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau this afternoon said a significant rise in COVID-19 cases could be witnessed in the days ahead.

Dr. Arnold said individuals were witnessed gathering in large number during the past two weeks disregarding health directives, adding that the repercussions of such actions are being witnessed at present.

He noted despite steps taken by countries to control the coronavirus, many countries have reported their second and third wave of the virus, citing neighbouring India as an example.

Dr. Arnold added India is reporting the highest number of daily cases despite stringent control of the virus earlier in the month.

The Deputy Director added a similar situation could arise in Sri Lanka as well, and requested the public to take on responsibility in preventing such an occurrence.

He termed this period as a transitional period adding that many asymptomatic cases could be amongst society increasing the possibility COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Arnold added strict restrictions will have to be imposed for future events.

He claimed May Day rallies and related events were also suspended as a result.