May 06, 2021

 First pregnant mother dies due to COVID, 100 infected

The first death of a pregnant mother due to COVID-19 is reported from Ragama area, as health officials warned of a new trend of pregnant mothers being infected due to the coronavirus.
According to health officials, a 45-year old pregnant mother had died due to COVID-19 at the Ragama on Wednesday.
The deceased woman is a resident of Batuwatta area close to Ragama.
Her death comes as the health officials say the number of infected pregnant mothers are on the rise under the third wave compared to the previous two waves. 
Consultant Community physician Chithramali de Silva said around 100 pregnant mothers have tested positive and of them are, several are in critical condition.
She said there is a trend of pregnant mothers being infected.
She urged pregnant mothers not to entertain "unnecessary fear due to this situation" but asked them to maintain their mental health in order to face the evolving situation.