Mar 14, 2017

Attempts to render National Audit Act powerless Featured

Corrupt politicians and state officials are trying to sabotage the National Audit Act, alleges CaFFE executive director Keerthi Tennakoon.

It is evident they are trying to render the Act powerless by destroying its essence, objectives and substance, he says.

After more than seven years of discussions, drafting the National Audit Act was completed 18 months ago.

Later, on three different occasions, various ministries and departments introduced amendments to curtail its powers.

The latest was by the finance secretary on 07 February 2017.

These attempts are intended at handing over the imposition of surcharges under clauses 21 and 22 of the act to the National Audit Commission.

The new proposal gives the powers of the Auditor General’s Department to plan, mediate and to give guidance for the internal auditing process of state institutions to the Finance Ministry.

Previously too, Charitha Ratwatte and several others submitted amendments to weaken the act.

With the latest proposal, the existing limited powers are to be taken over by the Finance Ministry to make the act a nominal document and to render the AG powerless.

CaFFE urges the government not to curtail the act, and wants it to gazette the act and to get it passed by parliament.

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