May 12, 2021

Get your feet back on the ground and listen, Anura tells President

As it is being proven that a heartless person who lacks empathy and feelings cannot rule a country, it is high time that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should step down from the palanquin and listen to others, JVP leader Anura Dissanayake says.
He was speaking during a media briefing held at the party headquarters last morning (11).
JVP CC member - Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa also joined the press briefing.
They pointed out that the stubbornness of the President is costing human lives and that the prevailing leadership and mechanism is a failure.
They also added that although President Rajapaksa himself had admitted the COVID-19 situation was not a terrorism issue, his approach was not one that mainly featured health experts. 
"Therefore, bigwigs in the health sector was not given prominence. Instead, others were put into prominent positions of this mechanism. Now, this mechanism had crumbled down to such an extent that the public has no faith on data provided by the government. Different, contradicting things are being stated and the mechanism built by the President to eradicate COVID-19 has become entirely a failure," they said.
It was also noted that the need of the hour was not to make beds, coffins or mortuaries but to create a mechanism to eradicate the spread of the virus and to control the number of fatalities.