May 12, 2021

Govt. revises health & travel restrictions until May 31 (Update)

The government has issued a set of revised health and travel restrictions which will be in place from tomorrow (13).

The Department of Government Information notes that travel restrictions will be imposed in two ways within this period in the following manner.

1. Travel restrictions will be in place from 11.00pm - 4.00am until May 31.

2. An Islandwide travel restriction is imposed from 11.00pm tomorrow (13) until 4.00am next Monday (17). Only transport of essential food items will be allowed during this period.

Police spokesman - DIG Ajith Rohana has clarified that during times when the above travel restrictions are not in place, civilians should follow the NIC last digit rule included in the latest guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH).

According to the revised guidelines of the MoH, only one person per household is permitted to leave the house on a given day, based on the last digit of the National Identity Card. If the last digit is an odd number, they can leave on odd numbered days. If the last digit is an even number or zero, they can leave on even numbered days.

Only exceptions are for purposes of work and for obtaining health services, the Ministry of Health says.

The revised health restrictions are shown below :


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