May 12, 2021

WHO hasn't confirmed mix & match of COVID jabs - Sudarshini

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has NOT scientifically confirmed the “Mix and Match” concept of administering two different types of the COVID-19 jab for the required two doses, State Minister Dr. Sudharshani Fernandopulle said on Wednesday (May 12).

As of now, the World Health Organisation has NOT confirmed that COVID-19 vaccines can be mixed based on scientific research. As soon as such confirmation is issued by the WHO, we can inform the people about it,” Dr. Sudharshani Fernandopulle, the State Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemics, and COVID Disease Control emphasized.

The Expert Technical Committee on COVID-19 Immunization of Sri Lanka still recommends that the same COVID-19 vaccine type be used to administer the two doses, Dr. Fernandopulle re-iterated.

However, based on global scientific research in the future, these recommendations may be subjected to changes, she noted.

State Minister Dr. Fernandopulle made this statement at the Government Media Conference held on Wednesday morning (May 12), in response to a question raised by a journalist pertaining to the statement by Joint Cabinet Spokesperson – Minister Udaya Gammanpila on Tuesday (May 11), claiming that according to COVID-19 vaccine experts there are NO adverse effects in receiving the two doses of the COVID-19 jab from two different vaccine types.

Experts who are knowledged on the subject have pointed out that there is no problem in receiving the 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from one type and the 2nd dose from another, Sri Lanka Joint Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Udaya Gammanpila said on Tuesday (May 11).


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