May 14, 2021

Police faces fresh criticism over extrajudicial killings

Fresh criticisms are being levelled against police over the extrajudicial killings along with the recent deaths of two criminals who died while being held in the police custody.
Two notorious underworld criminals "Uru Juwa" and "Kosgoga Tharaka" were killed in recent days while being in police custody.

Opposition leader Sajith Premedasa voiced concerns over the death of persons who were in the police custody and said the government must stop that kind of extra-judicial killings.
He stressed that the criminals should be legally punished and not by other means.
He said due to such incidents, politicians and businessmen who had close connections with such criminals get an opportunity to escape from the law and such incidents lead to erode the public confidence placed in the judiciary.
The Bar Association too has condemned such killings and urged the government to stop extrajudicial killings.
Responding to the criticism, Police spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said the incidents are now before courts and a magistrate inquiry is being conducted on the incidents.
He said police officers have made their statements on what happened and have entered notes on the incidents and that the courts will examine all the evidence and would give it's ruling.