May 17, 2021

Pregnant mothers asked to work at Polonnaruwa hospital

Despite a government circular not to call pregnant mothers to work, it is reported that the government's decision is now being implemented at the Polonnaruwa Hospital.
Sources say the pregnant mothers at this hospital have been given only twi days leave and they have been asked to work on ther days.
Around 800 positive cases have been detected from Polonnaruwa district and 15 have died so far.
A section of the hospital staff are being quarantined while another group have been deployed to work at six COVID treatment centers.
Even at the treatment centers, the health workers have been assigned to work without a proper roster.polonnaruwa1 700px 21 05 17polonnaruwa2 700px 21 05 17polonnaruwa3 700px 21 05 17polonnaruwa4 700px 21 05 17polonnaruwa5 700px 21 05 17