May 17, 2021

Public urged to refrain using Polythene for Vesak decorations

Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera has requested the public to refrain from using Vesak decorations made of polythene and plastic as much as possible when decorating their homes for the Vesak festival.

The Minister of Environment has requested a report from the Central Environmental Authority on the expenditure incurred on the annual consumption of polythene and plastic products in Sri Lanka and the imports of plastics and polythene products.

According to the information revealed by the Central Environmental Authority, Rs. 58 Billion is spent on importing around 177,197 tonnes of plastic and polythene to the country.

“Only 7.1% of the total imports go into recycling,” said the Environment Ministry adding that amounts to around 12,635 tonnes of polythene and plastic, while the remaining amount is disposed of into the environment.