May 22, 2021

Key medical bodies demand a 14-day lockdown or curfew to control COVID Featured

Four main medical associations in Sri Lanka are demanding the government to impose "a minimum of two weeks lockdown or even a curfew, continuously and at a stretch" across the entire country in order to control the spreading of COVID-19.

This demand was made by the Sri Lanka Medical Association, GMOA, Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) and Sri Lanka Medical Intercollegiate Committee.

They say the new coronavirus is escalating in the country and as well as the deaths due to COVID Pneumonia.

In a joint statement, the four associations said "the actual number in the community is more than three times the number detected.

"They said they "wish to inform the public that it will not be long before the hospitals are flooded with patients, completely inundated and the medical staff are stretched way beyond their capacity, resulting in a serious breakdown of our health sector all over the country.

"The associations explain that minimum 14 days is needed to "break the chain of uncontrolled spread of the disease.

"They also point out that inter provincial travel restrictions  and isolation of Grama Niladhari Divisions do not serve the purpose as the "infection is rampant in all provinces."