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Mar 16, 2017

People’s Bank sponsors Jaffna tree-planting campaign

The tree-planting campaign organized this year by the Base for Enthusiasts of the Environment Science and Zoology of University of Colombo, in association with the Zoology Students’ Association of the University of Jaffna, was sponsored by the People’s Bank.

One thousand plants were planted during this campaign conducted with the aim of strengthening and securing the country’s environment and building a green future. The project also saw the development of closer understanding and co-existence between students of the two universities.

The aim of the People’s Bank in sponsoring this campaign through its ‘YES’ account was with the aim of strengthening the campaign for the protection of the country’s ecological balance and the establishment of a foundation for a sustainable future. As a responsible financial institution, the People’s Bank invariably supports such environment-friendly projects to realize its goals for a green future in keeping with its corporate policies titled, “People’s Green Pulse.”

Essay and art competitions and exhibitions were held simultaneously among students of schools in the northern province on the themes of building a green environment and on climate change.

The project was held under the guidance of Professor Vipula Yapa, Head of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Sciences of the University of Colombo, Dr Sampath Seneviratne and Dr Mayuri Wijesinghe, Senior Professor Vasanthy Arasaratnam, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna., Professor R. Vigneswaran, Dean of the Science Faculty Dr R. Ganeshwaran, Head of Department of Zoology.


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