Jun 10, 2021

All COVID variants detected in SL

The All Ceylon Government Medical Officers’ Association says all COVID-19 variants prevalent in the world have been detected in Sri Lanka.

President of the Association Dr. Gishantha Dassanayake told NewsRadio the daily death toll could increase up to 100 to 200 in future.

He noted all districts in Sri Lanka have reported coronavirus cases, adding testing for coronavirus variants was done at random.

Dr. Dassanayake further stated virus variants which are mild, moderate and fatal are spreading in the country adding the variants Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta which were identified by the World Health Organization, were types that spread rapidly.

He stressed this situation will not seize anytime soon as COVID-19 mitigation efforts are inconsistent.

Dr. Gishantha Dassanayake also charged that the imposition of travel restrictions has been a failure, and a facade.

He claimed although government officials claim travel restrictions are being imposed in a successful manner, it is only a portrayal on media.

He added a majority of businesses remain open as well.

He further stated the sticker system initiated by the government by spending a large sum of money is futile, as the public is seen on roads.

He said this could lead to the formation of several sub clusters.

He noted therefore existing travel restrictions will not help contain the spread of COVID-19.