Jun 10, 2021

Sri Lankan appointed to President's Commission on White House Fellowships

A Sri Lankan has been appointed by US President Joe Biden to the President's Commission on White House Fellowships.
Dr. Gabriel is originally from Sri Lanka & studied at the University of Kelaniya before immigrating to the US, the US embassy in Colombo has Tweeted.
Dr. George E. Gabriel is a lifelong educator and researcher with over 40 years of demonstrated experience on two continents.
He has a strong belief that higher education is the primary tool for socioeconomic mobility with equity at the heart of the mobility agenda.
Dr. Gabriel is a first-generation college graduate and an immigrant to the United States who obtained his doctorate at Vanderbilt University as a Fulbright Scholar.
He has spent over a quarter century as a researcher and administrator at two large community colleges.
His focus has been on student success in community colleges with the specific goal to narrow achievement gaps in student outcomes by implementing innovative practices.