Jun 14, 2021

Beware: class and social status matter in Sri Lanka even after death

They say class differences and social status matter when a person is alive and that all are equal after death. But this universal truth was proved wrong by an incident in Mathugama.

According to the incident, the body of a 93-year old mother was removed from the crematorium on the orders from the top to allow a VIP body to be cremated first endorsing the fact that rich and affluent get the priority even after death even in a Buddhists majority country.

Health officials in the area had brought the body of a 93-old woman who had died at her home due to COVID-19 to be cremated at a crematorium in Mathugama.

The body was brought there in an ambulance belonging to Mathugama hospital.

Just a few minutes after the body was placed inside the crematorium, a VIP hearse carrying the body of a person in an affluent family in the area arrived at the cemetery.Then orders came.

Helpless health officials had to obey the orders from the top to remove the body of the 93-old mother and allow the VIP body to be cremated first.

The COVID-victims body had to be kept in the ambulance for two hours, thus preventing the ambulance from being used for the work at the hospital and also spreading germs across the ambulance.