Jun 15, 2021

Vehicle importers criticize move to import luxury vehicles for MPs

President of the Vehicle Imposters Association in Sri Lanka Indika Sampath Merenchige has condemned the government's move to import new vehicles for the use of the MPs.

Merenchige has said "it's a shame to present such a proposal to the Cabinet, seeking to import luxury vehicles for the MPs,  at a time when the country is facing a severe foreign currency crisis."

"The politicians of this country do  not feel the sufferings of the people," he said, participating at an interview given to a website.

He said the value of a PRADO jeep imported for the use of the MPs is around Rs 45 million in the local market while the value of a luxury V-8 vehicle is around Rs 60 million.

He also said although some politicians claim it is not possible to revoke the Letters of Credits issued in respect of these vehicles, "it is a very easy thing to do.Those LoCs could be revoked easily."