Jun 15, 2021

Beautician daughter of actress, attacked over extramarital affair

A well-known beautician who is a daughter of a popular stage and teledrama actress has been attacked by three women over an extramarital affair.

The attack is alleged to have taken place in the beauty saloon run by the beautician in the Gorakana, Panadura area on Sunday.

The attack has been led by a woman in Moratuwa over an alleged extramarital affair between her husband and the beautician.

Other two women who joined the assault are also members of the same family and they have been identified as woman's daughter and the sister-in-law.

The three women have forcibly entered the saloon around 7.30 pm on Sunday and have assaulted the beautician and cut her long hair too. The assaulted 53-year old beautician has now been admitted to the Panadura base hospital.

The three women have been arrested by Panadura police which is conducting investigations on the incident.

(Source Lankadeepa)