Jun 19, 2021

Man arrested for asking "Dan Sapada" from Moratuwa mayor

Be careful about asking "Dan Sapada" in Sinhala from anyone. Because you could probably end up in the police lock up.
This fact surfaced when a person was arrested by police for just asking "Dan sapada?" (Are you happy now?) from the mayor of Moratuwa Saman Lal Fernando who was bailed out over the vaccination controversy.
Fernando has complained to police that a person had phoned him and asked "Dan sapada?" in Sinhala.
In his complaint, Fernando has said this phone call has caused mental distress to him.
Police probed the incident and traced the man who had given the call. Police have found that the caller is a resident of Ratmalana area and has had a scuffle with Fernando over his move to remove an authorized wall.
Accordingly police arrested the caller.
Police have said the suspect had given the call despite an order from the Magistrate not to make any threats to the Mayor.
The suspect is to be produced in Moratuwa courts.