Jun 24, 2021

Archaeological sites in East faces danger as landgrabs reign in Arugambay

Hidden forces are grabbing the lands which have archaeological sites in the Easter province and therefore, a permanent mechanism should be implemented to safeguard those lands, says Ven. Warakapola Indrasiri, the chief Incumbent of Muhudu Maha Viharaya in Pothuvil.

The Thera said it has been revealed that political hierarchy in the area in collaboration with certain government officials were engaged in a "land grab" in the Arugambay area. 

Under this, these so-called groups are engaged in a sordid campaign to acquire the lands belonging to the forest department, coast conservation department and as well as the lands earmarked by the Archaeological Department.The Thera said since the movements of the public have been restricted because of COVID, these small groups are cutting down trees and clearing the jungle  and even removing the mangrove trees along the coastal line in the lands that belonged to the state.The thera urged the authorities to take swift measures to stop the land grab.Source - Lankadeepa