Jun 27, 2021

Angry backbenchers slam govt. during meeting with Johnston

Around 25 backbenchers of the government have complained to the Chief Government Whip that certain ministry secretaries and state institution heads are quite indifferent to government MPs and will not bother to solve general problems prevailing in the country.

The MPs had stated their grievances when they had met with Chief Government Whip Johnston Fernando recently.

They had said that they are unable to face the public as the government is not sensitive to public grievances.

Emphasizing on issues such as fuel prices, fertilizer shortages and non-fulfillment of regional development needs, the MPs had said that no matter how many complaints were made about the government officials' lack of cooperation, those responsible had ignored their pleas completely, creating a huge issue.

The group has complained that evidence had pointed out that even some District Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries are backtracking on government plans, the 'Deshaya' newspaper reports.

They have reportedly asked whether the government, which is not sensitive to their reasonable demands, only wants them for their vote in parliament affairs.