Jul 01, 2021

Retired SSP Ranagala laments on political victimization, demands promotion

Retired SSP Premalal Ranagala says he was disappointed as he has not been given a promotion despite being politically victimised during the previous Yahapalana regime.
When he was serving in the Colombo city, Ranagala was very popular in the media circle because he used to have a friendly chat with the media personnel at a time many other top officers ignored the media.
He was very friendly toward the media personnel who were covering many protests during the Rajapaksa regime.

Ranagala lamented that he was the first police officer to be transferred when the Yahapalana government came into power. At the time, he was serving as the SSP in charge of Colombo South.
Within two weeks of the Yahapalana government coming into power, Ranagala says he was sent to Uva province as the DIG's PA and the allegation was that he was loyal to Mahinda Rajapaksa. 
From Uva, he was transferred to the Southern province. 
Ranagala said the present government has given promotions to 82 politically victimised officers including three retired officers.
"My name was the second in the politically victimised list of police officers, but still I have not been given my due promotion and this is a real injustice to me," Ranagala said.
(Source Divaina)